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21 Simple Ways To Make More Money From Your Current Clients, Part 2

It is easier to make additional money from your current clients than it is to go out and find new ones! See 21 simple ways in this three part article series.


Here are seven more great ways to make more money from your existing clients, continued from part one.

8. Give people a huge discount to your subscription product if they subscribe for a longer period of time.

Example $9.99/mo, or $21.99 for 3 mo., (equals out to $7 and some change per mo.), or $36.00 for 6mo. ($6/mo.). Each larger subscription in time length gets smaller in the per month fee if you were to divide the total by the number of months the subscription lasts.

9. Send your customer a free surprise gift with your back end product offer included.

You can do this by offering an ebook as a free surprise gift and add your back end offer (Or a link to your offer) in the ebook.

10. Give your customers a discount if they buy over a certain number of any products.

Several examples of this are BOGO (Buy one get one free), buy three get the fourth free, or even lowering the price of each item by a certain dollar or percentage amount once the client reaches a certain number of purchases.

11. Publish a back end product offer inside any of the information products you sell.

A good way to do this is to offer customization rights for $20 - $99 inside the ebook itself. This also allows the current client potential income by letting them earn a % of all customization fees from all ebooks they sell. (After customizing with their features and information, of course!) This goes over very, very well.

12. Group your products together in package deals to make more profit form each sale.

Offer the package as a 2nd option when you make a sale of the single item. On the order page - or use an in-between page to show the upsell of the group of products at less than what it would cost to get them as separate items.

13. Include a back end product offer inside your "customer's only" online club.

This would be in addition to the free items and articles and resources. Also have a discounted offer or special offers area so you have a built-in backend in your membership area.

14. Join someone else's affiliate program and use it as an upsell or back end product.

This works especially well if you don't have a higher-end product of your own. Join an affiliate program and promote a seminar or higher ticket item as a back end sale. As an upsell, you would add the additional offers onto the thank you page.

An example of this type of program is Thank You Ads. This thank you page program will get you additional advertising by showing affiliate offers on your thank you page (Using a simple javascript) and showing your ad on other member's thank you pages.

You can also use this option in #13. The member's discount area doesn't have to be all your products. You can use affiliate products as well.

Well, we are 2/3 done :) Look for Parts One and Three for the rest of these great ways to make extra money from the clients you already have!

About the author:

"Techie" Teri Mramer is the busy owner of the new training site sensation, Web Master Insider Training Club Get your free 3 week trial membership today and start building your business web site tomorrow!