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A new Web Marketing ROI Calculator - Part 2

(Continued from Part 1 -- an interview with Chris Genge about

What if you have a lot of clients?

"Each client would have their own account. You would
want to keep the information separate and private. You
can have multiple accounts under your main account.
There is no limit to the number of accounts or the
number of domains you monitor. Each account does
require a separate license though."

What do you mean by a separate license?

"Pricing for KeywordTool is based on a license fee and
a click-tracking fee."

So if you use the tool for multiple domains/accounts, you'd
have to purchase it separately for each domain/account?

"Yes, you can run all your accounts under your main
account, but they are purchased separately."

Is there a special setup fee for the main account?

"No setup fee. The set up takes about 20 minutes and
just requires adding a small JavaScript into the head
of your entry pages and a small piece of code into
your conversion page. Then it goes live right away and
starts gathering info."

How much does the service cost?

"The service usually runs from about $200/month per
account and up depending on how many search engine
related clicks you are getting per month. There are
several examples of pricing at:"

If I have 20 clients now, what would the cost be per month?

"The first client is $150; 2-5 clients is $135 each up
to 20. All clients after 20 are $60 each. It's
progressive pricing."

If I start with three clients, then add two more later on,
does the total subscription rate get adjusted to 5 clients,


If it uses JavaScript and someone has their JavaScript
disabled, they wouldn't be counted? Is it a cookie? What if
someone has cookies disabled?

"Yes you are right about the JavaScript. There is also
a cookie place on their browser that keeps track of
people that come take a look and return later to buy."

What if someone is using both PPC and SEO program. How is
the cost is distributed? Do we have to plug in the cost for
each program to calculate ROI?

"If all you want to track is SEO, just don't put the
code into the entry pages you use for PPC or use
separate PPC entry pages. The same is true for PPC.
You can separate these by only placing the code into
unique pages you use for PPC."

So for the conversion, we need to create two conversion
pages: one for PPC and one for SEO?

"No, just differentiate the entry pages. You can use
the same conversion page."

How do we know if it's the right keyword that generated a
lead since people browse from page to page?

"The entry code is placed in all pages the search
engines are referring visitors to. This way Keyword
Tool will track the entry and watch to see if it
converts into a sale. You can place the code in just
one page or as many pages as required--there is no
limit. You can even have the same code in an include
file in your template. This way KeywordTool watches
refers from all your pages."

Do we need to do the data entry for keywords and PPC?

"There is no data entry; KeywordTool looks for the
keywords as they are used on search engines, not how
we think they should be used. This way you can
discover good keywords you got listings for and didn't
know it."

In Conclusion

If your ROI is important to you, which is should be!,
KeywordTool ( will certainly
help you determine your conversions rates and the return on
your investment for any traffic through the search engines,
directories, and pay-per-click engines. It's a sharp
program with a lot of handy features.

About the Author
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trained several thousand people in her online search engine
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