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Defacto Wireless Distribution, LLC Announces the New AirMatrix High Power Outdoor CPE Featuring Router Functionality and AirMatrixOS Client Software.

The AirMatrix Home 14 HP is the perfect CPE solution. By utilizing Pacific Wireless's 14 dBi low profile Rootenna and the router functionality of AirMatrixOS software, AirMatrix has created a rock solid 250 mW CPE that delivers higher performance and greater functionality than other CPE solutions.

AirMatrix Home 14 HP is also an incredibly cost-effective solution. It provides best-effort 11 Mbps fixed wireless service, bandwidth shaping, DHCP, firewall and an antenna alignment tool. Featuring Power-over-Ethernet and a fully integrated outdoor radio unit with antenna, the AirMatrix Home 14 HP practically installs itself! No need for a router to serve multiple computers, AirMatrix Home 14 HP has full router functionality and hands out DHCP. The weatherproof high-quality plastic enclosure and fully weather-tight outdoor Cat5 connector allows the use of any custom outdoor Ethernet cable length.

AirMatrix OS "wireless (Wi-Fi) router software", is a Linux-based network operating system compatible with any common PC based network system, which provides high-speed wireless connections, enables OEMs, telecom operators, carrier, broadband service providers and service provider partners to deliver bundled, value-added services. AirMatrixOS is capable of turning an Embedded Networking System into a dedicated router with 802.11b Wi-Fi architecture, firewall techniques, bandwidth management, advanced subscriber management, advanced security features and a number of state-of-the-art networking features.

• Integrated 14dBi antenna, weatherproof design. • Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors • Power Over Ethernet • 100Mb Ethernet POE port • Auto Data Range • 64/128Bit WEP Encryption • RTS/CTS - Fragmentation Control • ACK Timeout Support • Adjustable Power Level • Client Router, PtP Bridge, and WDS Modes. • PPPoE Client • DHCP Server and Client • Static and NAT Router • Traffic Shaping • Antenna Alignment Tool • Firewall • Wireless Site Survey • SNMP Support • PC Based Network Management Software • 802.11b • Remotely Upgradeable Firmware

The AirMatrix Home 14 HP is sold exclusively by Defacto Wireless Distribution, LLC. For more information contact Defacto Wireless Distribution at (888) 275-5159 ext 106.

About the author:

Defacto Wireless Distribution is dedicated to supplying top quality wireless networking equipment and WiFi equipment. We supply all aspects of wireless technology including, Dish antennas, omni antennas, sector antennas, wireless radio cards, wireless bridges, Senao CB3, outdoor CPE, wrap boards, wireless access points, mesh networking components, and a complete line of wireless 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, Licensed, and 5.8 GHz accessories.