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Disabled World Debuts Website

With over 54 million people classified as disabled in the USA alone, new website Disabled-World.Com recognised the need to provide free information and product reviews for people with disabilities. Funded by donations and advertisers the Disabled World community is fast becoming a valuable resource for the disabled worldwide.

The Disabled World web site, based in Montreal Canada, was launched in May 2004 to provide a much needed international online community for people with disabilities. Disabled-World.Com is an interactive website with subject areas covering up to date news and comprehensive research on everything from helpful tips to disabled sports articles. These features plus the ability for users to post their own articles directly to the site make Disabled World an exciting online community.

With over 54 million people classified as disabled in the USA alone (The Census Bureau), Disabled World owners Ian & Lynn Langtree, a husband and wife team, saw the need to provide people with disabilities a website where the disabled of all ages and from all walks of life could unite on common ground completely free from membership fees and charges, share experiences, information and provide tips of assistance to the newly and life long disabled. Articles posted by members from around the world range from sad to the witty and entertaining, such as travel adventures and the frustrating and sometimes humorous side of traveling with a disability.

Disabled World believes in the Social Model of Disability, a belief developed by disabled people in the 1970's, the social model changes the focus away from people's impairments and towards removing the barriers that disabled people face in every day life. Disabled World is labeled as a family friendly site and is an associate member of The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) which is an independent, non-profit organization whose main aim is to empower parents to protect their children from potentially harmful content on the internet.

A forum, along with dating/personals and chat room areas, allow people with disabilities a chance to communicate and get to know each other. Should a member be looking for a place to buy, sell, or trade disabled equipment, a classified service is available. Employers or people with disabilities seeking employment will also find a relevant category to submit their respective details.

Ian said our membership base is expanding rapidly.
"We love receiving articles related to disabilities submitted for publishing on the website. Our users put a lot of effort into researching and writing their articles, and if Disabled-World.Com continues to expand at its current rate it won't be long before assistance will be required to help with the day to day running of the site."

The Disabled World team are more than happy to research material relating to articles or product reviews published if members seek further information on a topic.
About the author:

Ian & Lynn Langtree are the owners and operators of extremely popular website Disabled World -