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7 Tips to Save Time by Using Your Computer

7 Tips to Save Time by Using Your Computer
by Barbara Myers
1. Spreadsheets. Use a spreadsheet to make lists, keep
track of projects and people. Use one to follow up on
delegated items.
2. Form letters. Develop a form letter for your sales
proposals, thank you notes and frequently asked
questions. It's less time consuming to tweak a form
letter than it is to start one from scratch.
3. E-Mail. Communicating by e-mail is simple and fast.
Avoid phone tag!
4. Fax Modem. Fax documents with one tap of the send
button. Avoid walking to the fax machine, searching for
the proper fax number, inserting the paper and dialing.
5. Contact Manager Program. Set reminders for yourself.
Keep addresses and phone numbers organized and readily
accessible. Store valuable information on each contact.
6. Search the Internet. Find the information you need
quickly. Shop. Research. Learn something new every day.
7. Scanner. Scan documents into computer files. As long
as the files are organized, you'll be able to access them
quicker than paper files.
Barbara Myers is a professional organizer and speaker.
Free tips booklet to help you take control of your time by
organizing your life. Visit