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How To Optimize Your Online Time Through Efficient Computer Use

Save your precious time and efforts by optimizing your
computer usage skills. Here are a few tips for you
(Window Users):

-The `Ctrl plus F` keys bring up the `find` function.
Particularly useful when reading e-mails you need to
find the Ad Code, Ad published twice etc. Also good
for find requirements in word documents.

-The `Ctrl plus N` keys open up a new window.
when reading emails, you need to visit some other link
without exiting your email program. Or you need to
open two e-mails in the same account at the same time,
or compose a reply with the email open in front of
you. Or.. the possibilities are endless.

-The `Shift plus mouse click` opens any link in a new
page. Good when you need to visit another site
exiting your present location.

-The `Alt plus left arrow` enables you to move to a
previous page in a web.

-The `Alt plus right arrow` enables you to move
in a website.

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