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Make your own Computer

Make your own Computer

So you want to make your own computer? Don't worry if you don't have the technical knowledge to make one, its not as difficult as you may think.

The advantages to making your own computer

By making your own computer you are assured of getting the highest quality because you have painstakingly researched every component. Some shop based computers may sound good on paper but often they use inferior parts like power supplies, cheap motherboard, inadequate RAM, and so on

Warranties and Technical Support

If you are worried about warranties, you need not be. In most cases you can get a manufacturers warranty on every component you buy. As for technical support, you will find you will have much better luck with getting questions answered through forums on the internet than from technical support lines

Upgrades Are Painless And Fast When you build your own computer upgrades are simple. You've already put it together so switching a hard drive or changing the graphics card is extremely easy..

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