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scuba diving computers take the stress out of diving

Today, scuba diving computers do everything from calculating, and audibly prompting decompression stops to monitoring oxygen consumption in real-time. This really takes the stress out of scuba diving.

A computer calculates your no decompression time based on the total time you spend at particular depths, whereas a dive table can only calculate your no deco time based on maximum depth. Therefore, diving computers generally give you more bottom time while keeping you just as safe, as if you pre-planned your dive from tables.

Everyone who uses scuba diving computers appreciates not having to fuss with dive tables and they also appreciate the computers help in maximizing your bottom time by taking advantage of multilevel dive calculations.

Scuba diving computers can decrease the risk of decompression sickness because they account for difficult manual calculations which result from yo-yo dives, multiple dives, quick ascents, varied physical effort and water temperatures.

Why not look for diving computers that can even download their data to a PC for later review?

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Deb Andersen is the owner of http://www.water-sport-center.comwhich provides extensive information about Surfing, Water Skiing, Scuba, Kayaking and Kids Water Fun. Plus how to find your perfect water sport vacation.