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Smash My Computer

If you have used a computer for any amount of time, you might have experienced the inevitable. You know, the system crashes or freezes before you can save your work. You sit there with a disgusted look on your face, and profanity running through your mind trying to escape. You think briefly about putting your fist through the monitor. We have all been there. Now, you can finally be a part of a "Smashing" without losing your job or wasting two thousand dollars. I have a website at http://www.smashmycomputer. com where I am offering pixel ads to internet users and webmasters. Why? I am raising enough money to buy a new computer, so I can smash this one! I will be making videos and pictures of the smashing for everyone to cherish!

So, help me Smash My Computer today.

About the author:

J. Ratliff is going to smash his computer with your help at