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Australian Domain Name Searches

This article provides useful, detailed information about Australian Domain Name Searches.

Australian domain names end with .au and if you choose to do business in that country and target its market, you should preferably go for an Australian domain name. Many business establishments use a so that people can remember it easily. Some prefer to register both a .com and so that those who forget the .au part are redirected to the correct site.

In a domain name English-language letters A -Z, the digits 0 – 9 are allowed. Although hyphens may also be used, domains cannot begin or end in a hyphen and cannot have two hyphens in a row. Special characters (such as !, $, &, , and so on) and spaces are not permitted under any circumstances. Remember, domains are not case sensitive.

There are several databases of registered domain names. Among others, Network Solutions WHOIS, after searching the registrar databases, provides information about millions of domain names with various extensions. The place where they are registered has no role to play here.

Domain Name Registrar (Australia) also provides fast domain name registration. To secure domain names, enter the name you wish to search in the query box and select the extension you like ( or, .com etc.), then click \"Check Availability\". You will find the search results and have the option to proceed to registration.

It is essential to remember that is mandatory for every Australian business seeking domain registration. and are used for non-commercial organizations. Australian citizens can use for personal use only. .com is open to everyone – business, organization or individual. .net too is now available to all. .info is open to everyone, everywhereBusiness Management Articles, with no restrictions. .biz is not for corporations and registered business owners only; anyone can have it for doing business on the Internet.

The registration is valid for two years and can cost you anything from $30 to $130.

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