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Belgium's Domain Name

On my little search for free and or cheap domains I came across the site A thread had been started about .be, Belgium's new TLD (top level domain); this struck my interest mainly because it was a free TLD. A few sites I tried out were:
Eurodns is my preferred registrar of the two. Being that eurodns is in English not French. may be viewed in English, too, but it's one of the most confusing register processes I've ever been through.
Why are these sites giving away .be domain names? Well, it's most likely to start a craze about the new option. I don't believe it will be in demand as much as an .us or .de due to the fact I hardly see any Belgium related sites. Perhaps the option of having .be as a tld is great because you could mess around with the name. For instance I registered the domain, silly yes but it's a potential sale for the Webmaster seeking a unique name.
I suggest taking up on the offer of a free TLD. Perhaps register a stockpile of dictionary term domains and sell them on eBay. Money is to be made from this. Sadly I don't see much of a craze for it in the future.
In spite of my low expectations I've registered 30 .be domains. Don't let the offer of a free TLD get past you! Someone may want to buy your oddly named .be domain name! If you can't do anything with it simply just let the domain expire with the year passes. There's nothing to be lost. You could even park the domain and make a few extra bucks off advertising.
Don't let my opinion throw you off. Do what you like. Personally, I think it's cool for now and it's great to earn a few extra dollars this year.

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