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10 Benefits Of Opening An eBay Store

Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced eBay Power Seller, having an eBay Store is a wonderful way to reach potential customers you may not get through eBay auctions.

Here are some benefits having an eBay Store can provide your business:

1. More Profits - According to eBay, sellers with eBay Stores see an average of 25% increase in their total sales within three months of opening store. You will also save on listing fees since store fees are significantly lower than auction fees on eBay. EBay also offers storeowners promotional offers and free subscriptions to some of its services.

2. Regular Customers - People who buy from your eBay Store are more likely to turn into regular customers if you provide excellent customer service after the sale.

3. Professionalism and Credibility - A professional looking eBay Store makes you look more professional as an on-line seller. An image of professionalism adds to your credibility in customer's minds. As an added benefit, an eBay Store gives you access to eBay's Business Resource Center, where you can download templates for professional looking business cards and much more.

4. Save Time - eBay Store special features, such as longer listing periods and automatic re-listing, will save you time.

5. You Have Your Own Website - When you open an eBay Store you have a unique
URL you can promote both on and off eBay. Your eBay Store will be picked up by
search engines just like other websites are.

6. You Can Personalize Your eBay Store - With eBay store customization features you can control the look and feel of your store. You can create up to 20 categories to fit your individual inventory. Buyers will see what you want them to see, how you want them to see it.

7. Your eBay Store Has It's Own Search Engine - Include your own Search box in your store and buyers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for when they are in the buying mood.

8. Special Promotional Tools - With an eBay Store you can cross promote other items you choose to buyers and you can choose what items to cross promote. You also get access to eBay Stores Email Marketing Tool - a great way to keep in touch with your customers. Additionally, if your store qualifies, you receive free monthly eBay Keyword listings.

9. Free Monthly Reporting - All storeowners receive free monthly sales reports that recap your sales activity by category. You get information such as monthly gross sales, conversion rates, number of buyers, etc. Plus, if you have a Featured or Anchor Store, you receive overall eBay marketplace data to benchmark your sales against other eBay sellers. With Accounting Assistant, you can export date from your eBay and PayPal accounts directly into QuickBooks.

10. The First 30 Days Are Free - eBay offers a free 30-day trial.

About the Author
Robbin K. Tungett is online marketing and eBay veteran
of 8 years. She is most widely known for her eBay expertise
and her website Please visit
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