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3 Dropshipping Secrets For Making More Money on eBay

Dropshipping is a very profitable way to make money on the auction powerhouse eBay. People all over the world are creating home based businesses by using wholesalers, or also known as dropshippers, to make money on eBay.

Dropshipping is simply selling products for wholesale companies, sending them the address of the person who bought from you, and they ship the product to them.

This is an incredible opportunity, most times for the cost of a meal at a restaurant, to start a profitable eBay business.

However, because of the ease and profitability of using a dropship company there is extensive competition. eBay abounds with people using this home based business model to create a living for themselves. So, how do you get by the rest and shine as the one to buy from? There are three distinct secrets used by prominent eBay Powersellers.

1. eBay Dropshippers Know What's HOT!

The top income producers, or Powersellers, on eBay do their homework. They find out what is selling. But, not only that they research deeper to find out what's selling at the top prices.

Let's say for example, you have set up an account with a dropship company and have started an eBay seller account. Now what? Start looking at what's selling. Computers are always hot.

Go back to your dropshipper, look up what computers they offer, get some graphics and pictures, upload them to the product listing page on eBay and you're now selling computers.

Don't waste your time on items that only sell a few times at low prices.

2. eBay Dropshippers Know A Little Copywriting

The Internet, no matter what site you're on, is all about the written word. In sales, that means copywriting. Writing in order to reach a sale.

If you look at the most successful sellers they don't simply upload a picture and a few facts about the product.

They write to sell the product. Why? It was stated at the beginning of this article that the competition is plentiful. Everyone selling on eBay wants that person to buy their product not yours. So, the emphasis on copywriting, writing to instill an emotional desire to want your product, must be a priority.

Take some time to learn a little bit about good copywriting and how to construct a short, but exciting, sales letter.

3. eBay Dropshippers Live To Follow.

The absolute key to making money on eBay, with dropshippers or any other type of business model, is to follow up with your customers. Once they buy from you, that should not be the last contact you have with them.

Follow up with them. How are they liking the product? Is there anything else you can do for them? Have they seen the other auctions you have listed similar to the product they already bought?

A great way to stay in touch with your customers is to start collecting their email addresses, with their permission, and send them a special "sales flyer" of products you have listed, or other non-listed dropship items.

Want to make it big with eBay? Want to make big money with dropshipping? Follow these three Powerselling secrets today and watch your profits climb!

About the author:

Jason James website 'The Auction Resource Network' reveals his inside secrets and sources that help him pocket over $10,000 a month on eBay.

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