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3 Resources that can help you decide what sells best on eBay

Determining what sells best on eBay may take some trial and error if you are not already stocked with merchandise or if you are unable to create your own product. What sells best on eBay for one person may not be what sells best on eBay for another.

So how can you use trial and error to discover great eBay products and/or services to auction off on eBay? Below are 3 tips of places where you can find merchandise, place it online, and then test your sales to determine what sells best on eBay for you.

1. Find items to sell at large wholesale discount stores like Costco. Places like this typically have a huge inventory of cheap items sold in bulk that you can resell on eBay. They offer such good deals on all kinds of merchandise like toys, grills, DVDs, etc. You will have unlimited new products to choose from with wholesale outlets like this in order to determine what sells best on eBay.

2. Dollar stores are probably the best way to buy cheap items and resell with little risk of loosing money when you test to find out what sells best on eBay. The quality of products sold in dollar stores range from very poor quality on up to 'diamonds in the rough'. I have seen the same products that I have purchased in a dollar store sold on eBay or at a swap meet for 10 times the original cost, not a bad profit!

3. Garage sales happen usually every weekend and there is a multitude of products that you can find to sell on eBay. What sells best on eBay from garage sales could range from antique furniture, to new or used video games, on up to old clothes.

Of course the above eBay product sources are just a few of the overall options available to you. They each are stock piled with product ideas that you can help you determine what sells best on eBay for your home based business.

About the author:

Jason James is an eBay PowerSeller and his website "Auction Resource Network" reveals his inside secrets, tips, and sources that help him earn $10,000+ a month on eBay. Claim your FREE e-Course Here: http://www.auctionre