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10 Ways To Increase Your Free eBook Downloads!

1. Anticipate the objections your visitors might have
about your free ebook offer. You should research
your target audience's needs and wants.

2. Allow your visitors to feel good about themselves
by giving them compliments. If they feel good, they
will also feel good about downloading your ebook.

3. Tell your visitors the emotional and logical reasons
why they should download your free ebook. It can be
the goals they'll acomplish, positive feelings, etc.

4. Publish a list of respected or famous people that
have downloaded your free ebook. Just remember
to get their legal permission first.

5. Tell people what they're thinking and feeling as
they read your ebook ad. Most people will start to
actually do it, statements should back up the ebook.

6. Make your free ebook offer very rare. People
perceive things that are rare as being more valuable.
You could use a limited time offer or free bonuses.

7. Create rapport with your visitors by telling them
something they already know is true. They'll know
for sure you're not lying and download your ebook.

8. Show your visitors how much enthusiasm you
have for your free ebook. Most people will start to
feel the same and download your ebook.

9. Make your visitors curious about your free ebook
by telling them they need to sign-up to get access to
a password protected site in order to download it.

10. Motivate people to download your free ebook.
Tell them a lot of positive things like: "You can now
reach your goals and change your life forever!"

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