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3 Powerful Types of eBooks You Can Write and Sell Online

A big part of knowing how to write and sell ebooks
is understanding exactly what will turn a prospect
into a hungry buyer.

As you may have already discovered in my "Ultimate
Information Entrepreneur's Success Package", earning
months and years of leveraged income from a few weeks
writing has virtually NOTHING to do with your writing
ability, but EVERYTHING to do with understanding how to
identify and satisfy a raging hunger within markets.

When you think about how to write a sell ebooks,
think about 1 of these 3 proven "types" of infoproducts
that will turn your prospects into buyers...

1. Innovator. You have identified a tip, technique
or strategy that will go one-step further (incremental
innovation) or take a giant LEAP forward (radical
innovation) than is currently available.

To understand how to write and sell ebooks as the
"innovator", you have a very good grasp of both what
the prospector is really looking for and what currently
exists in your marketplace.

2. Collector. The value in this type of information
product is to collect sources of information from a wide
variety of sources and distill it down to the "best of"
or a compilation of strategies aimed at satisfying
a given market demand.

3. Investigator. Yet another method of how to write
and sell ebooks, the investigator seeks to discover
and prove the value of a given approach.

Discovery allows you to bring value by bringing to light
little-known or "underground" secrets to solving specific

Proving the value of a given approach is also of high value
in this age of skepticism and doubt. If you can provide
case studies to support a given approach, you'll be
bringing extra value to the market.

Now, each of these approaches has its advantages and

When most people think of how to write and sell ebooks,
they think of being collectors, however adding an aspect
of innovation is how you can really differentiate yourself
in your market.

Innovation allows you to claim ownership to solving an
urgent and pressing problem for your market. Out of
owership will come branding, and out of branding can come
tremendous financial advantages.

I have used all 3 approaches and advise everyone who is
serious about becoming an information entrepreneur and
wants to know how to write and sell ebooks to use each

In your market, you can likely come up with a combination
of innovative solutions, compilations of tips and ideas,
and journalistic ideas such as key interview subjects or

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