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3 Special Text Effects for Web Headers and eBook Covers

Here are three commonly used and effective text effects that are used in web headers, ebook covers and other web graphics.

Outline - This refers to the effect where each character has an outline around the colored body of the character. The vast majority of the time, this outline is a different color than the character color. However, you can add a same-color outline when you want to "fatten up" some characters. Typically, you would want to choose an outline color that will provide good contrast with the background to make the characters stand out sharply against the background and does not clash with the color of the character.

Drop Shadow - As the name implies, a drop shadow is a layer of color (often a contrasting color with the text), that has the same shape as each of the characters. This special effect gives the appearance that the characters are floating just above the background. This can give the illusion that the text is 3-dimensional.

Glow - This is very similar to the outline effect, except that the "outline" is not sharply defined. Instead, it spreads out a little from the character, becoming more faded at the outer edges. This gives a character the appearance that it is glowing, hence the name. Also, the glow effect is typically a different color from the body color of the text. Adding a glow around some of your text helps that text to readily stand out.

When used properly, special text effects can make short segments of text more noticeable and even more readable. When used too often or applied to full sentences or paragraphs, they can become a distraction. These special effects are appropriate in web headers, ebook covers, and order buttons. Use them wisely and sparingly, and they will enhance your web graphics!

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