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Ecommerce for small business and sole traders - is it fairtrade

Ecommerce for small business and sole traders - solid internet marketing solutions for small businesses!

"My website development is costing me an arm and a leg, being only a small business I cant afford it! how can I make better profits online? " is trading on the web frustrating you?

Building a REAL business takes some work, yes. Only a human can bring that part. You see the results. Your business builds. You realize that your life is changing in significant ways.

Why is search engine marketing important to today's business person? Isn't such marketing just for dot-commers? What about the ordinary bricks-and-mortars store owner? How might search engine marketing benefit him or her? How does one pursue search engine registration, if it is decided to pursue an Internet marketing program? How complicated is this? Is it expensive? What does one need to know about search engine registration?

Effective search engine registration, in other words, will put your local business in a position to be found without the searcher having to resort to the old Yellow Pages phone book. I t will be strategically smart to consider Search engine marketing, it is the way for smaller business that don't enjoy broad-based brand name recognition to be found through use of the most popular search websites or portals. It is also through search engine marketing that brand name awareness can be built very affordably. You can get professional advice for FREE at It is all do-able. It is all good and right... logical, natural and powerful. You do not need to be Net-marketing savvy, nor do you need to be brilliant or technically-minded.

No Search Engine expertise required -- no expensive technical, web or graphic consultants are necessary. The complete set of tools available here, makes it all simple. Get everything you need all-in-one place, site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing help and advice that makes it easy to build a professional, popular, and profitable business online.

Effective search engine registration can have a powerful effect. About 85% of Internet users seeking products or information use search engines to find them. T o submit a website to Google, the world's most important search engine, merely go to: . But for registration to be really effective, it needs to be handled by an SEO consultant with specialized knowledge. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Those who charge the highest prices aren't necessarily the most knowledgeable or effective. Search engine placement on the engines and directories that matter, for keyword phrases that are important to your business, is critical to success on the web. When it's time to get your site positioned, get it right the first time. If you choose the wrong SEO person, or do it yourself and mess it up, you will waste some money, of course, but you will also waste several months of your valuable time. My job as a professional website search engine optimization specialist at is to get your website well positioned on the directories and search engines that really matter. SEO optimization is both an art and a science. It involves creating a site theme. It also involves writing and editing, building inbound links that constitute "votes" for high positioning of the client website, and the strategic use of keyword phrases in important places.

Do you want to focus on 5 keyword rich terms and phrases or 10, 15 or 20 as everything is based on time the bigger it is the longer it takes to maintain. So in essence you decide on the level of exposure you can afford, but remember in the long term their is very little out there that will give you exposure and brand longevity that beats strategic internet marketing in relation to cost and ROI. + monthly maintenance will be based on the final size of your size once its built, so again it once again depends on the level of exposure you want and how much budget you have to spend. You can start small and grow page by page, however that wont get you fantastic rankings in the short term. Content is KING, the more you have, the more people will find you. the higher the quality of content and the more terms and phrases you build in will equate to the quality of website traffic you get.

Ok, However like I said its hard to guess your needs and your budget. Great news for you is if you got the time and a little technical know how, you can get iCaptains advice for FREE here

No matter how "new" you may be to the online business world, after you complete the steps outlined in this web site you will have: * More than just the skills to build a Web site * You will have more than a growing online business And you will continue to grow your business and your profits. Your way, Your control, Your time.

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White Star Communications offer a highly professional and dedicated service to empower you to grow YOUR small business enterprise, at a pace that is within YOUR ability.