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10 Steps to Developing Your Own Website

I have developed and managed my own website for many years and would like to share with you 10 steps that I learned to make your website development a pleasant one.

Developing your Website:

1. Come up with a good domain name that relates to your website's topic.

2. Find a hosting company that offers all of the necessary tools at a reasonable price. Shop around but I recommend Hostway --

3. Learn all you can about web development via books and online tutorials. You can find used programming books at you local used book store or eBay.

4. If the thought of learning programming is too much there are companies that offer free templates but you may have to host your site with them. Here are a few companies to look at, they are not as dynamic as if you learn it yourself but will get you started.

5. Next is to find a good editing tool, which will enable you to edit you web pages and upload then to your host's servers. I recommend CoffeeCup --

6. If you are selling a product you will need a way to collect money. I recommend using PayPal -- They offer many merchant tools including a shopping cart feature.

7. It is a good idea to sell ad space on your site to increase your revenue. You can accomplish this by placing Google AdSense ads on you r site - and selling your own ads by using third party software like AdPeeps --

8. You will want to offer link exchange to other websites to better your web visibility. I recommend using LinksManager -- it will cost you about $30 dollars a month but well worth the time you will save.

9. You will want to offer an affiliate program to help sell your products or get traffic to your site, I recommend ClickBank -- and clixGalore -- ClixGalore offers a pay-per-click option that allows you to pay affiliates as little as $.01 per click. If you want to mange your own affiliate program there is free software offered by COSMIC --

10. Lastly, to get a jump on promoting you site join several free traffic exchange sites. I recommend TrafficSwarm --

I hope this will help you get started, remember that it takes time to get your site up and running but will be very rewarding once it is done. For a good example of all of these recommendations in action visit my website Good luck.

About the author:

Dennis Watson has been and is still helping others promote their products and/or services through his Free Classifieds website -