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5 Simple and Easy Steps to Create Killer-Sales-Letter Webpage

As an internet newbie, I have always wondered how to create a Killer-Sales-Letter style web-page for my internet business, until I came across a Simple and Easy 5 Steps process, which I am going to share with you.

Step 1 - HTML editor.

One of the simplest ways to create a webpage is to use a HTML editor.

The HTML editor is basically a software program that makes webpages for you.

HTML editor works like a word processor, instead of creating a word document file, the HTML editor creates webpage files.

If you do not have a HTML editor, I recommend an easy to use HTML editor, Mozilla.

You can go to to download the software for free and install it on your computer.

Once you have installed Mozilla browser, you are ready for step 2

Step 2 - Create a Web-page

Open the Mozilla browser.

Go to 'file' menu, select 'new' and 'composer page'.

A blank page will open up with a blinking cursor, like in a word processor.

At this point, do not type in any text until you format your webpage.

Step 3 - Create Table in your Webpage.

Now we need to create a table in the center of the page.

To do that, first, click on the 'align center' tool bar.

Go to 'table' menu and select 'insert' and then 'table'.

A 'insert table' dialog box will appear with parameters of row, column, width and borders.

For the purpose of this training, I'm going to ask you to follow my instructions. When you are more proficient in creating tables, you can use your own dimensions.

As we want to have a 1 column table, input the value of 1 for column.

For now, input a value of 1 for row. I will teach you how you can expand the row of the table later.

For the width, input a value of 600 and select 'pixels' instead of '% of window'

As for the value of border, let it remain as 1 for now.

Once you have input the suggested values, click 'ok'.

You will see a 1 column by 1 row table aligned to the left of the composer.

To center the table, click on the 'align center' on the tool bar.

Now, the table will appear in the center of the page.

To increase the number of rows in the table, position the cursor in the table and hit 'enter' until your desired size. Alternatively, the number of rows will automatically increase to accommodate your text as you type.

Step 4 - Formatting your Killer-Sales-Letter webpage.

This segment here will show you how to format the color of the background and table of your webpage.

Setting color of the Webpage Background,

Go to 'format' menu and select 'page color and background'.

At the 'page color and background' dialog box, select the radio button 'use custom colors' then click on the 'background' box.

A palette of colors will appear and you can select the color you want as your background, let's use 'blue'.

Then click 'ok' and 'ok'.

The whole page will then become 'blue'

Setting color of the Table

Go to 'format' and select 'table cell properties'.

At the 'table properties' dialog box, select the 'table' tab.

At the 'table' tab click on 'background color', a color palette will appear, select your color, let's use white, then click 'ok' and 'ok'.

Now you will see a white table with a blue background.

Step 5 - Typing and formatting your Text

Position your cursor in the table.

Go to 'format' menu.

You can now select the desired font, size, style and color of the text.

Once you have formatted you text, you can start typing your text into the table.

As with word processor, you can format your text anytime.

Once you have formatted your webpage you can now save it.

Congratulations! You have created your Killer-Sales-Letter Webpage.

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About the author:

Kenneth Tan is a newbie in Interner Marketing. He was having difficulty understanding Internet Marketing business and building his website until he came across a FREE On-Line Internet Marketing course.

After learning from the FREE Internet Marketing course, he is excited to share his knowledge with others who are experiencing difficulty in building their internet business.