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What the Heck is Internet Marketing

"This is a term used largely for all marketing activities that commence on the World Wide Web".

Basically, it is the process of selling goods and services over the internet to the end customer. The tools that are used to do the same include search engine optimization, placing banners, pop up advertisements, e-mail marketing, placing reciprocal links, article marketing and blog marketing etc.

Blog marketing is the buzz word in the internet marketing business. Blog marketing offers organizations a platform where information about the product and services, and opinions can be shared between employees, customers, prospects and partners in an informal environment.

Internet marketing first started in the early 1980's as a simple text based web pages that provided more information about the products. It involved into an advertisement complemented with graphics and vibrant colors.

Some of the benefits involved with internet marketing are availability of information, ease of access, cost cutting and wider customer reach that is beyond the boundaries of the countries. However, the biggest drawback of internet marketing is that the customer cannot touch or try the product or services before purchasing. Further, companies and consumers that participate in online business are under constant security threat. Many consumers are hesitant to buy items over the Internet because they do not trust that their personal information will remain private. Recently, some companies that do business online have been caught giving away or selling information about their customers.

Encrypting is one of the best ways to deal with security concern and piracy on the internet. Encryption is defined as the conversion of data into a form called a cipher. This cipher cannot be easily intercepted unless an individual is authorized by the program or company that completed the encryption. In general, the stronger the cipher, the better protected the data is. However, the stronger the cipher, the more expensive encryption becomes. This in turn decreases the marketers profit share.

It would be safe to conclude that internet marketing is the way people would buy and sell product and services in future.

About the author:

Arun Tibrewal is an online marketing expert and running an outsourcing company at More articles of Arun can be find at his online marketing guide here.