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Broadcasting Mp3 Audio Via Computer, The Looney Tune World Of Podcasting

Podcasting Is A New Form Of Fun Stuff To Do On The Computer. The Ipod Was Made For Music Downloads, But The Reality Is That It Has Created A Launch Of Mini Shows, That Are Uncut And Cheap To Produce.
Every Event You Can Imagine Is A Potential Contender As A Reality Radio Broadcast Show From Rio To Cape Cod, And From Boston To Broadway.
CB Radio,i.e. Ham Radio, Was Developed As Radio For The People, But Now Another Page In The Consumer Notebook Of Modern History Has Turned.
Any Music Concert Can Become An Mp3, Whether It's By Players Like Eminem & 50cent Or Country Music And Guitar Songs Dedicated To Andy Griffeth.
Mp3 Audio Can Include A Report From A Reality TV Show To A Las Vegas Show, To A Looney Tune Review, And It Can Range From Humor To Commentaries On The Weather, Oprah Winfrey & American Idol, The Titanic, The Da Vinci Code, Or Even A Live Sex Show In Harmony Hall.
They're All Now Available As A Downloadable Music Composition, A Video Or Even A Slide Show On Your Computer, And I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Some Of These Shows Show Up On Sirius Radio, XM Radio Or Other Satellite Radio Shows, Conventional Radio Or Even On TV.
The Ipod Is A Creative Way To Download Digital Music Automatically Via Computer Around The Clock, By Virtue Of Podcasting.
This Is Not About Downloading Online Music Onto Your Computer Via Music File Sharing. This Is About The Bone Thug Across The Street Writing A Music Lyric On His Computer Calling It A Skin Tune By Frankie J & Lil Jon Luny Mas, And With No Harmony Or Melody, Having A Ball, Because Some Stranger In Central Louisville Looking For Cheap Music Downloads Records It To His Mp3 Player While Waiting For A Pizza Delivery.
The Apple Ipod Is Not A Technology Whose Life Is Limited To A Trade Show Display.
It's In The Hands Of The People. Podcasting Is Way Bigger Than Two Way Radio Or Any Online Computer Game, And It's Not Limited To The Ipod Mp3 Player Or Even The Rio Sport Mp3 Player.
Newer Models Are Creating Competition And Getting Cheaper, Just Like All Computer Technology Always Does. Just Look At The DVD Player.
Ipod Is Getting The Credit, But Adam Curry, Former Music Video DJ And MTV Host In The 1980's, Is The Central Player In RSS (Real Simple Syndication).
A Music Download To A Mini Portable Mp3 Player Is Not New, The Ipod Buzz Is. Podcasting Is Going To Be Big.
I Feel Lucky To Have Gotten In On It At An Early Stage, With My Daily Podcast Sunny Thought Of The Day. It Supplements My Free Affirmations By E-Mail.
So Now You Have 2 Free Ways To Get Positive Thinking From Me.
I Was Interviewed Last Month In The Honolulu Star Bulletin, Who Told Me I Was The Only Daily Podcaster In The State Of Hawaii.
Since Then I've Found Out I'm One Of Only A Handful Who Podcast Daily In The Entire World.
And My Radio Interviews - I Was Interviewed By Positive Purpose Radio Host Kevin Mcdonald, On KLAY AM Radio In The Seattle Area, 5 Times - 1 Hour Each - Those Shows Were All Podcast Internationally, Too.
Welcome To The Future! It's Evolving One Day At A Time. Why Not Hit The Computer Airwaves Yourself? And Start Podcasting Today!
About the Author
Sunny Hills Is Called "The Affirmations Genius" (TM) - His Website Is: - He Retired From Business And Moved to Maui at age 47 - Get Your Free Weekly Affirmations Here: