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Add Offline Promotion to your Online Parties!

Online parties are hot right now. People who are comfortable with online chats and at ease with online payment options like PayPal make great online party guests.

With fantastic online party resources like the free chat rooms provided at Internet Based Moms and the support of groups like The Party Network and Mommy's Helper Online -Online Party Resources it is easier than ever to throw an online party and invite all of your online friends to participate and buy.

I wonder though if many online hostesses and demonstrators are forgetting a wonderful offline option to boost their total party sales. Remember the good old 'Catalog Show'? Why not pair the Online Party with the offline Catalog Show and help your hostess connect with offline friends and family for orders?

I know that demonstrators are cautious about the additional expenses of catalogs and postage. The beauty of online parties is that they do not have to send out paper supplies and can simply use their ecommerce websites.

The thing to consider is that we still have a large population of people out there who do not use the web regularly and may never attend an online party. So why not ask your online hostess if they would like to receive a catalog and order forms for the purpose of gathering offline orders in advance of their online party? If she is not interested in offering it locally, that's ok, but if she is, you're on!!

Depending on the payment plan that your direct sales company uses, it may involve an extra step for you and your hostess to get all of the payments together in one place. If payment needs to come to the demonstrator for submission, be sure to make arrangements for an online payment format or include a postage paid pre-addressed envelope with your catalog and advise the hostess to collect the money and send a money order ASAP so that you can close out the show. (Never accept a check from an out of town hostess, even if you think know them well! It's a headache that will stress out a friendship!)

Imagine just $100 in extra offline sales added to each of your online shows. Would the profit on that be worth the catolog and postage costs? I think so! You may also find that this is a great way to increase hostess involvement and boost the number of show bookings!

About the author:

Kelly McCausey is the host of Work at Home Moms Internet Talk Radio, the original Internet Radio show for Internet Based Moms.