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An artists guide to promotion online

There are so many avenues open to the artist in the 21st century. No longer is it essential to have the serious backing of an established gallery (although that does help). Now there are lots of new and different ways for all artists wanting to get their work 'out there' and seen by the world.

The proliferation of the internet and the increasingly integral part it plays in our lives now offers artists a platform for displaying their works to an audience far larger than that of any generation before us.

There are a number of ways an artist can promote their work online. The first and most obvious is to employ the skills of a web developer and create their very own custom website. This is probably the first thing that most people think of and its a nice idea, and if done properly can be very effective. However with so many artists competing having a website alone simply isn't enough. The 'if you build it they will come' philosophy really does not apply when it comes to websites i'm sorry to say. Getting visitors to your site can be un upward battle as many a frustrated webmaster will tell you. Building your own website can also be very costly, and their are plenty of shoddy web design companies just waiting for novices to prey on. So you have to be smart.

Whether you opt for your own website or not, promotion is the key, getting visitors to actually view your work and hopefully buy it! One great way to attractive these ellusive art loving visitors is to sign up with one of the many services out there that offer online galleries to artists, as part of a larger artistic community. These online artist communities give artists the chance to display their art to a much wider audience. Promotion on the internet is all about getting the visitors to your website, and viewing your work. You might have the most fantastic website in the world, with all the best features and great artwork, but if knowbody knows where you are, there isn't really much point. That's where online galleries really shine. Some artists feel that by exhibiting in these online galleries potential customers may be tempted away by other artists, but this is a very defeatist attitude and surely just shows insecurities in the artist if they feel their work can be outdone by others. In reality by sharing your customers you are exposing your work to a far greater audience, and that has to be a good thing.

Another fantastic benefit to online galleries in the feeling of community it can give. By it's very nature art can be very a solitary occupation. Online galleries often include forums where artists can share ideas and experiences, helping themselves and others in the process.

So whether you create your own website, or use one of the many online galleries available today, make sure you as an artist make the most of the possibilities the internet offers the artist of the 21st century.

About the author:

Tom Freeman is the founder of A Picture of An online artist community and gallery website for British artists and art collectors. The site offers British artists from many genres and fields of art their own online gallery and a free avenue for promoting their British art online to a huge world wide audience.