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123 - Promote!

Web site promotion and the accompanying site traffic it
produces are not enough to guarantee your online success.
Nevertheless, you still need them to succeed. It doesn't
matter how great your site is or how wonderful your product,
if nobody visits you won't make sales.

As owner of, webmasters come to me
daily for advice on how to get more traffic to their site.
Here are the three common tasks that they (and you) must do
before you begin your site promotion campaign.

1 - Identify Your Site's Key Phrases

Think like a typical web surfer for just a moment. How
do you search for information and resources on the web?
If you are like 85% of web surfers, you search in terms
of key phrases - not key words.

That said, the first task prior to promoting your site
is the identification of your sites key phrases. What
would someone type as a search query if they wanted to
find the kind of information on your site?

Take my web site as an example. The services I offer
help people professionally promote their web site.
How might somebody search for my site? They would
typically use key phrases such as...

- register web sites
- search engine registration
- search engine submissions
- register with search engines

Examine your site and make a list identifying the key
phrases a potential client would use when searching for
the information. After all, if they're looking for certain
services and products and you offer what they're searching
for, then you stand a much better chance of getting the
sale because your prospect is pre-qualified.

2 - Name Your Page Appropriately

Now that you've got your list, your next task is to
craft your page title. This is the place where most
webmasters make a mistake. They create their title page
for the visitor, not the search engine. Here's a good
rule of thumb: MAKE CERTAIN that your page title
contains your most important key words and/or phrases.

One of the popular promotional services offered at
our website is the writing and distribution of press
releases. We've learned that the top phrase most people
query when researching this topic is

Press Release Service

That's why we made sure that this phrase was a part of
the page title. The HTML code looks like this:

1 2 3 Cyber Register Press Release Service< itle>

3 - Create Your Meta Tags

There are two more places where these phrases need to
appear. The first place is within the first 250 words
of your page. Search Engines look there to determine
the content of your site. The higher your "key phrase
density" the better your ranking in many search

The next place to use your key phrases is in your meta
tags. This bit of HTML code helps the help search
engines and directories properly classified and indexed
your page. There are two types of meta tags - your
sites description tag and its key word tag.

The first tag is the description. Use your key phrases
to write a one sentence (25 words or less) description
of your site. Here's what my Press Release page looks

Next take your key words and phrases and prepare a key
word meta tag. Here's what that tag looks like on my
press release page:

Search engines are funny things. Their rules and
ranking procedures change often. Generally speaking,
however, if you include your key phrases in the page
content, title, and meta tag descriptions, you'll have
the best chance of gaining and maintaining a high

Good luck!

About the Author
Ted Smolkowicz is a professional promotion expert
who's absolutely dedicated to bringing more traffic to
your website. Send your hit counter spinning and your
sales rolling with Ted's excellent services, only at
this website -