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4 Secrets of Publishing Your Own Newsletter

Publishing a newsletter is definitely an effective way to
keep in contact with your customers, but to get tremendous
results, you need to do it the right way.

Secret 1 - HTML or Text?

Many publishers have a difficult time deciding whether to
publish their newsletter in HTML or text. The reason for
this conflict is because there are many surfers who prefer
HTML based emails, but there are also a large number who
either can't accept HTML email, or really prefer text

Instead of picking one, why not both? Give new subscribers
the option to have either one. It is very easy to convert
an HTML email to plain text. Just copy the text into
Notepad, and then into your email. Now you have effectively
solved the problem of choosing one or the other.

Secret 2 - Subject Line

In a regular email, the subject line usually informs the
reader of what the email is about. With newsletters, you
want to inform readers, but you also want to engage and
interest them. Many Internet users have a lot of messages
coming into their mailbox, you want your message to catch
their attention before it hits the trash. Even the most
incredible newsletter won't be noticed if it never gets

Secret 3 - Content Really IS King

Do you want to know how to be really successful with your
newsletter? Great content. That is what will keep people
reading instead of un-subscribing or just trashing your
email. If you really try to write about a new, creative,
or interesting topic, readers will show their approval by
continuing to read, and possibly even looking forward to
your next issue.

Secret 4 - Length

You're publishing a newsletter, not a book, so keep it
short. People don't have all day to read your email, so get
to the point and give them the information that they are
looking for.

The length of your publication depends on how often you send
it out. A daily mailing shouldn't be any longer than a
couple of short tips. Sending out your newsletter weekly
or every other week makes a great frequency for sending
featured articles.

These are just a few of many ways to tweak your newsletter
for maximum success. Use them to set yourself apart from
the thousands of other newsletters.

Best of luck to you,

JC Anderl,

Visit my site or email me if you have any questions about
marketing or website promotion.

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