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Adobe Acrobat Software

Adobe Acrobat software is a powerful software program which allows computer users (from business professionals to home users) to convert any of their Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, or other electronic documents to a readable Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Adobe PDF files maintain the visual integrity of the documents so that these files can be viewed and printed on a variety of platforms using free Adobe's Acrobat Reader software.
With Adobe Acrobat software you can read and organize high-fidelity e-books. The software also enables users to easily exchange Adobe PDF files through emails. The password protection feature of Adobe Acrobat software ensures that your Adobe PDF files are protected from unauthorized users from opening and viewing sensitive documents. With digital signature support, Adobe Acrobat software lets its users to approve final documents, verify the documents authenticity, and create a list of trusted certificates.
Adobe Acrobat software offers plug-ins which helps you to create Adobe PDF files without leaving the program you are working with. The programs which support the plug-ins feature now include Microsoft Office, Project, Access, Internet Explorer, Visio, Publisher, and Autodesk AutoCAD.
The latest version of the Adobe Acrobat software, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, boasts a wide variety of features which allows the users to submit PDF forms designed with fill-able form fields to applications like Adobe Form Designer and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. The latest version of the Adobe Acrobat software also allows the users to view and print Adobe PDF files on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. Another added advantage is that the new version comes with the ability to play back different variety of embedded multimedia content like MP3 and QuickTime files.
Adobe Acrobat Reader Software Version 7.0 boasts better performance with extended device compatibility, faster loading, better zooming, and improved application support for documents attached to Adobe PDF files. The newly added feature of Adobe Acrobat software include new document creation, document security, forms authoring, usage rights, and management and print production options. With Adobe Acrobat software you can also create electronic cards and Adobe Photoshop Album slide shows.
So, whether you want to use Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files, or download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free), you just have to go to

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