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Internet 2 will be at 100 times the speed of the current Internet.

Internet Two the second version for the Internet. Internet 2 will be at 100 times the speed of the current Internet. Internet development. Internet the future. Internet Progress.

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This will bring Interactive Video for use for distance Engineering and Medical development as well as 3 D visual displays in Real time.

It is said that Internet 2 will have the same impact as the Internet has had on Business, People and Society. The take up of Internet 2 should be a lot quicker because the Internet has been proved to function and work.

The impact will be the same level, or more as moving for using DOS to using Windows. Think how we access Video, Even with broadband this can be slow. With Internet 2 Full screen Interactive display should be possible.

Internet 2 will bring the possibility of; engineers turning out a part on a lathe remotely; a car plant construction technical manipulating robots to build a car, doctors able to support medical teams from different locations.

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Data flow both, or more, ways should become possible in read time increasing the online gaming experience.

It is difficalt to predict the total impact of Internet 2 but think about the Impact of the Internet now; Online banking, shopping, email and other forms of communication.

We may use it to have Full screen Video conferencing with a number of people or even big groups.

Interactive Television is one area waiting for this level of data flow and feedback.

It may be possible to use some spare the bandwidth for radio, news and other information.

Streaming Video will be a thing of the past because we will watch videos just as we watch DVD films now but we will not need to store the physical DVD disks.

Internet 2 will bring a whole new customer base of people who have never used the Internet before.

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